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You get involved in One Stop International Project to feel good in volunteering, to witness buoyant weekly events, to connect favourably with experienced community leaders, to record winning volunteer experience and to get counted in the community of people by goodwill three hundred and sixty five days in the year. Get involved to develop faith in people and absolute faith in God. One Stop International looks to welcome you with open hands once you accept to give something to this community one day in the week at best.

You never feel disconnected from your peer group and family because you are juggling with work, or school or kids, are you?  Believe there are many simple things that can bring you and your family far closer on daily basis playing a game, horning a sweet tune, going for a hike, or cooking a meal together, watching movies together, and telling a short story to everyone in your home. One way of getting off the street level, of getting the most satisfying, fun, and productive ways as a family is connecting with volunteering opportunities at One Stop International to enjoy community service projects. Volunteering at One Stop International projects also sets a good example for your kids and helps the community to regenerate, promote diversity and energize youths across the social platforms.

Reasons to Get Involved In One Stop International Projects

You get involved in One Stop International to witness and be a wholesome part of teens in faith. These are young people groomed to uplift spiritual faith by self rediscovery, moral reawaking and absolute dedication and respect for self, family and the community in general. You get the platform for self discovery and self emancipation once you attend our weekly faith meetings, usually in the evenings. Be part of it to enjoy spiritual blessings. If some biscuits can keep you going all mornings – faith is your ability to make things happen; ability to side with your peer group and move up the platform of good deeds all the days of your life.

Young people delight doing creative stuff – painting, drawing, moldings, writing, and reading. One Stop International is a perfect weekly platform for youths to join One Stop International graphic design and painting workshops on weekly basis absolutely free because OSI is a perfect platform for creative Art. All are welcome at all time. Join the reading group to appreciate sounds, vowels and phonics, will you?


Everyone horns a tune and everyone enjoys music that uplifts our spiritual essence. One Stop International stands for lessons in music. Come to take lesions in guitar, and saxophones are perfect tune mixers, drumming, and studio recordings at your spare time if you have inclination to make a career in music. We organize weekly music events in our studio and we look to sponsor youth’s music festival in 2014, all things being equal.


Parents have a place in One Stop International project. Bring your children to our storyline team for listening and speaking skills. Bring your children to One Stop International Friendship Club so your children get to meet face-to-face with diversity and learning of the diverse cultures in our community. Children learn better when they get involved in a team work; one stop International is a perfect team spirit at all time.

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