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One Stop International Activities

We raise funds from individuals, donor organisations and companies for the delivery of OSI activities which include:

Poverty alleviation and Education support programmes, Family support including Single parents, women and men support programmes and counselling services, Music training programmes for young people and the facilitation of events.


Participation in One Stop International Activities

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and encourage train and support them to provide help and support for One Stop International’ (OSI) to meet its aims and objectives including fundraising and delivery of OSI’s projects and services. One Stop International looks forward to welcome all volunteers with open arms. We will ensure that all volunteers feel as part of the OSI family and that they do not feel disconnected from their peer group. All volunteers will receive help and support for dealing with the stresses and strains of life and the volunteering work. Volunteering at One Stop International projects enables individuals and groups to set good example for children and young people and for helping the community to regenerate, promote diversity and energize people especially young people across the social platforms.

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